Naziullah Shawn

Passionate Full-Stack Developer & eCommerce Enthusiast

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Full-Stack Developer

I'm a driven full-stack developer with a passion for building web applications and empowering others through education.

My expertise lies in crafting user-friendly experiences using top-notch technologies like Next.js, React, and Node.js. I also have experience in managing and optimizing eCommerce platforms like WordPress, helping businesses thrive online.

Beyond coding, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and fostering a love for technology through various instructor roles. ‍


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My Expertise

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Frontend development

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Database Design

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Project Lead

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Responsibilities and Achievements

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Creative Design

A creative visionary known for blending aesthetics with functionality to deliver engaging user experiences.

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Tool Proficiency

Proficient in using industry-leading tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and InVision to conceptualize and prototype innovative designs.

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Increased Engagement

Known for creating designs that significantly increase user engagement and conversion rates.

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User Retention

Contributed to a 30% increase in user retention rates through strategic design improvements and a focus on user-centric methodologies.

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Team Collaboration

Works seamlessly with cross-functional teams to translate user needs

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User-Centric Solutions

Focuses on designing solutions that are both visually appealing and highly functional, directly addressing preferences of target audiences.

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Collaborative Impact

Actively participates in design critiques, brainstorming sessions, and enhancing overall design quality.

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Academic and Professional Background

Holds a degree in Interaction Design to demonstrating a strong foundation in design principles and a continuous passion for excellence in design.

Tools I use

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Adobe XD

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Work I Contribute

E-commerce development

Mobile app development

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